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today while on my way to church, the song that gav…

today while on my way to church, the song that gave me the name of this blog popped up on my ipod. i leave it on shuffle because its an ipod shuffle and it’s too much of a hassle to try to find songs. hehe.

and so i’ve decided to post it. if you want to listen to the song get it from me online. i don’t want the blog to play music coz i personally find blogs which play music kind of annoying sometimes! 🙂 if you want photos, by the way, also look for me online.

love is a movement – switchfoot

a day in L.A and millions of faces
looking for movement
coz everything’s stuck
and everything’s broken
and nobody moves
and everyone’s scared that
motion will never come

this is the incompletion
stuck in a line

love is a movement
love is a revolution
this is redemption
we don’t have to slow back down.

the stars are alive
they dance to the music
of the deepest emotion
and all of the world
is singing in time
mysterious ways
why God gave His life
to put motion in my soul

its bigger than cold religion
its bigger than life


we’re starting now
we’re starting now
we’re starting now
and we don’t have to slow back down.

yup that’s it. open for interpretation! toodles!



Just sharing something I’ve read. —————…

Just sharing something I’ve read.


Our deepest fear in life is not that we are inadequate
Our deepest fear in life is that we are too powerful beyond measure
We ask ourselves who are we to be brilliant, gorgeous or fabulous
Actually, who are you not to be?

Your playing small does not serve the world
We were born to manifest in the glory of God that is within us.
As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same


That aside, I wanna ask who’s goin for cynthia’s wedding?


Helloo y’all! Must be a MOST tiring week for every…

Helloo y’all! Must be a MOST tiring week for everyone ya? I mean, who ain’t loaded with all the homework this weekend. Anyways I wanted to get the ball rolling by posting, though i’m not sure what to post though. And the only thing goin on is SCHOOOOOL! Which is like sooo boring. Who agrees?
Its like lessons, lessons and well… lessons now, getting kinda repetitive. So I can only turn to the only source of relief, the computer. And the TV. The couch potato kinda stuff.
Boy, I must say that Sec 3 life is like so different. More homework, longer lessons. I heard now two of my days end at 3.50. Yes you heard me right. THAT LATE!
Also struggling a little with math. Somehow algebra looks all like cryptic symbols. I shan’t elaborate cos it’ll spoil the “weekend” mood for y’all. Hope i’ll catch up soon.

Sadly I can’t go for fusion NOR church NOR soccer cos I’ll be away… Not that I really wiill like it though. Cos I’ll be doing work most of the time.

Anyone has problems in school, feel free to share in the form of posts or tags. Really, this blog is for us group 3’ers, so make use of this chance. SO GET TYPING PEOPLE!

Tanto Amore

prayer request!

hey you all, as you know i had to head back to school this week. i’m enjoying my one and only thursday off from school today and so i’ve got time to blog this!

ok so my grade point average last semester was not spectacular at all and i think some of it has to do with the fact that i 1.) skip classes and 2.) sleep in classes.

i’m being tested again coz i have 4 8.30am lectures a week, 3 of which are terribly BORING. i’ve slept through one of them already, despite the fact that i had a laptop right in front of me.

please pray that God grants me discipline to study well, because i know i’m not going to be able to do this on my own.

and as far as discipline is concerned, i’ve got a waking-up problem, which explains why i have not been coming on time for ttb service on sundays. i’m purposely setting my alarm clock earlier so i can pull myself out of bed, but it’s not really working. i don’t want it to degenerate to a point where i don’t even want to go to church. do keep me in check on this coz it’s bugging me (:

for those of you going for fusion i’ll see ya tomorrow!

King’s call

er… i chanced upon this while playing online flash games. do have a look at it. to kill boredom n stuff…

King´s Call: The Village of Soulous

anyway… think this is an interesting way of sharing the gospel. 🙂

God bless!

time really really flies. it was like, two years a…

time really really flies. it was like, two years ago that all of us leaders made the decision to well, become leaders. two years ago you sec threes were still known as ‘ikan bilis’.

but all in all, i’m still thankful for the experiences we’ve all shared in the past year. from the most mundane Bible lessons to the chalet and all the games days.

2007’s arrived and my prayer for you, and for all of us (leaders included!) is that all of us grow together in Christ and continue to build each other up.

here’s a little collage i made, in thanksgiving for the past year that we’ve shared together.

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i guess that even though sometimes i feel discouraged and tired serving God in this ministry, He reminds me of all these little joyful moments. and that picks me up. look at your smiles, and remember those moments we shared in fellowship.

look at your smiles…and keep smiling! [:

oh, and have yourselves a blessed new year too!

Introduction to James

By now i think u all shld know tt we would be doing the book of James for the new year…

anyway… this is a short intro for James to help u understand this letter better, but i do encourage u to read the book before e 1st lesson so tt u can have e big picture of wad is happening.

purpose of James: to expose hypocritical practice and to teach right Christian behaviour.

As compared to Hebrews, e previous book in which e emphasis is to believe (in Christ), the emphasis here is abt living our faith, since we say that we believe in Him.

to whom written: 1st-century Jewish Christians residing in Gentile communities outside Palestine, and all Christians everywhere.

major themes in James: living out our faith

  • trials used to test our faith
  • keeping the Law of love (Mat 19:19)
  • wise speech coming from accepting wisdom from above
  • importance of heavenly wealth
  • importance of prayer

hope this would help u understand the book better

God bless!

info gotten from:
Holy bible
life application study bible (NIV)
what the bible is all about: bible handbook (KJV edition) by Dr. Henrietta C. Mears