Extreme forgiveness

hey all,

we have finally reached the last session of the current bible study materials tt we are doing. i really hope that during e week u all would take some time to read Mark 14:66-15:41 and Luke 23:26-42, this is in some sense a follow-up passage from today’s lesson (Extreme Forgiveness) and a prelude to the lesson to follow which is kelvin’s lesson on Cross-Shaped Love.

i hope and pray that from reading these 2 passages that u all will realise Jesus felt not only physical but also emotional hurt before He died as His disciple all betrayed and fled from Him (Mark 14:27, 51), and people who did not know Him personally like the Pharisees, Roman soldiers and the people He came to die for but yet He forgave them all (Luke 23). it is easy to quote biblical scriptures and truth, but what happens when u are betrayed or hurt by someone u are trying to help or save? i think tt tt is e hardest n most difficult hurt to forgive compared to all other betrayals n hurt. however, do remember tt Jesus understands n has gone through it all and place ur hurts upon Him.

i kinda like what yipeng raised up today, are enemies something we pple brand/call for hurting us? how do we define enemies?

have a blessed week ahead



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