Assurance of salvation


i think we had an interesting lesson today but sadly did not have enuff time to go through everything. for those of u who are unsure of ur salvation i really do encourage u all to pray for God to give u all something to assure u of ur salvation and do come to us leaders and tok to us abt it. i cant begin to explain how this something is important, esp when u are struggling with sin or under a trial. i realise tt when im struggling and really feel like giving up, it is that something that reminds me of God’s grace and gave mi the strength to struggle on. 🙂

here are e links i promised u all:

a question for u all to ponder: is it possible to accept Jesus Christ as ur Saviour but there is no change in e way u live? y and y not? (think its sam yew’s qn also)

the comments area is open for u all to discuss and say ur opinions abt this. or u can always ask any qns regarding salvation and we can discuss abt this. 🙂

have a blessed week ahead!



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