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My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?

hmmm…  i know this is kinda long due, but was kinda busy with sch (not fun when u have 2 tests, 1 full lab report, 1 proposal all due on e same week when e rest of e weeks are kinda empty -_-)

this is requested as i think there were some problems with explaining this part, but… i also have no conclusion or definite ans so its open for discussion. but i think its something we can ponder but this shld not affect the fact tt lives have to be reached out to or the fact tt Jesus did indeed die for us.

i think e qn posted to u all was: Why did Jesus say that God had forsaken him? (Matt 27:46) 

i suppose at 1st glance its kinda weird, how can God forsake Himself? arent They one? so did Jesus lie since He said it? i think Jesus didnt lie, He cant. so how and y did God forsake Him?

you will find the exact same verse in Psa 22:1. i definitely cant answer how God forsook Jesus, but i guess for the period on the cross Jesus somehow was seperated from the presence of God. being together for all eternity, i guess the pain for Jesus to be separated from God is akin to us losing a limb or two at a much greater scale.

what is the price for our sins? what exactly are the consequences of our sins? it is the eternal separation from God. and to pay tt price, Jesus was separated from God for tt period of time on the cross.

im quoting this from my daily bread. Our Journey:

“Now, for the only time in eternity, that unity is impossibly broken. Jesus has become sin. The Father must look away (Habakkuk 1:13). The horror heard in a hundred laments in the psalms, the terror of being forsaken by Go, belongs to Jesus alone. He is a God-forsaken God” -Michael Card-

i dunno if kelvin asked y this cry is a cry of hope instead of a cry of despair. dun really wanna go through this coz im not really convinced miself. but if u are really interested u can ask mi to lend u mi daily bread and draw ur own conclusions on this. 🙂

hope this post helps… 🙂